Our month of Halloween lunchboxes! [2017]

Last month we had so much fun with our lunchboxes! October 31 is Halloween and while it can be a divisive subject in my country of Oz, it’s my favourite celebration. Yep, I’d say it probably tops Christmas for me.

Did you know the celebration didn’t originate in America at all? In fact, it was brought to the USA by European immigrants much later on. Halloween’s origins date back to Ireland approx. 2000 years ago. The tradition of dressing up for modern day Halloween is similar to what the Celts did all those years ago – only they did it to disguise themselves from evil spirits wandering about looking for a living body to possess!

Packing creepy lunchboxes seems like a whole lotta fun in comparison, doesn’t it?

When October rolled around, I decided I’d try and send a Halloween themed lunchbox every single day of the month. Needless to say, some days were better than others and we had a few regular lunchboxes with some eye picks or plastic rats thrown in to keep with the theme, but it was still so enjoyable to get creative and the kids really enjoyed their fun food!

Here are some of our lunchboxes for Halloween 2017. If you’d like to see the rest, feel free to pop on over to Instagram and scroll through.

My favourite thing about these is that they show food doesn’t need to be full of sugar in order to be Halloween food. It is completely possible to have healthy, real, fresh food that makes your kids smile. Enjoy!

Kiwi monster

To make this adorable kiwi monster, cut a kiwi using the vandyke method. Take one half and slice through the cut side, stopping just before your knife is all the way through. Push sunflower seeds into the flesh inside the ‘mouth’ of the monster. Be sure to space them out so the top and bottom ‘teeth’ aren’t knocking one another out. Use eye food pick to make the eyes.

Witch sandwich and lychee eyeballs in bloody jelly

These ‘eyeballs in blood’ were a huge hit! They are blueberries stuffed into lychees with a jelly made from cranberry juice and grass-fed gelatin poured over the top. Because we’re using a stainless steel lunchbox with sealed off sections, it made it easy to pour the jelly straight into the lunchbox so it’s a perfect fit. To make the jelly, use 1 and 1/4 cup of cranberry and pomegranate juice, 1 teaspoon of quality gelatin powder, and follow the method found in my healthy jelly lollies recipe.

Halloween jelly lollies

Healthier Halloween lollies? Yes please! These were made using carrot juice and grass-fed gelatin. They were an exciting addition to our Halloween lunchboxes. Get the recipe here.

Witch hat and pumpkin sandwiches

Witches hat and pumpkin sandwiches with low sugar choc hazelnut spread made this lunchbox super simple.

Black cat and ghost sushi + cucumber monster

I got told this lunchbox wowed the whole class, especially Miss 6’s cat-loving bestie!

To make the sushi cat, make sushi rice and let cool. Take a small handful worth and mould it into a rough circle with wet hands. Place it on a large square of cling wrap and pull the edges up and twist together to form a ‘tail’ of cling wrap. Pull the cling wrap tight, twisting all the edges of the cling wrap so it smooths out the rice into a ball.

Lay down a new large piece of cling wrap and place a sheet of nori on top. Remove the rice ball from the cling wrap and place it into the middle of the nori sheet.

Fold the edges of the nori sheet up to enclose the rice ball. Now, bring the cling wrap around the nori and repeat what you did with the rice ball – twist the edges together to make a cling wrap ‘tail’. Keep it nice and tight. Wrap the tail under the ball and put it into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of white bread. Cut two triange ears from the bread and insert toothpicks into the bottom of them. Use scissors to cut two slightly smaller triangles from the nori. Dab some water or sushi seasoning on the bread and then place the nori on top of the bread. This will help the nori stick slightly.

Cut a small circle of ham for the nose. I used the narrow end of a round piping tip to make this easy.

Take the rice ball out of the fridge and remove the cling wrap. Trim any excess nori from the back of the ball. Use a craft knife to cut two almond shaped eyes from the nori. Cut two small circles of nori to put in the middle of the almond eyes.

Turn the ball over and insert the free end of the toothpicks into the top of the ball. Place the ham nose on top of the nori. Done!

Dracula sandwich + ghost banana

Mozzarella witch fingers

Dracula zucchini slice

Sushi ghoulies

Kiwi monster + ghostly tortillas

Frankenstein green eggs and ham

This Frankenstein was made using my green eggs and ham recipe with nori and green beans for the details.

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