7 of the best healthier Easter chocolate recipes

Easter is only a few days away! Can you believe it? Whether you celebrate Easter, Ostara, something in between or nothing at all, you can’t deny that being only a couple of days away from the one day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to literally wake up and eat copious amounts of chocolate in your pyjamas is really freaking exciting. How about a few chocolate Easter recipes to get you started? 😉

If you’re a parent of young kids with little self control and you’re not feeling the chocolate excitement, I’d encourage you to read this post from nutritionist Mandy dos Santos on the Little Peeps Eats blog.

We’re personally a number 1 in this house. Does that surprise you? While I’m all for healthier options for kids, I don’t think it should mean missing out and it should absolutely be in consultation with your kids. Easter comes but once a year, so if they want to go wild on the Cadbury – go for it. It doesn’t mean you can’t add in some healthier options too, like the ones on this list!

1. Yoghurt filled Easter eggs

all natural yoghurt filled easter egg
Cadbury Creme Egg, anyone? Image: cleanfoodcrush.com

Do chocolate eggs with white and golden insides that look just like Cadbury Creme eggs but without the high sugar content and weird ingredients sound good? Then you’re going to love these
healthy chocolate yogurt-filled Easter eggs!

2. Chocolate hot cross buns

chocolate hot cross buns from IQS
These hot cross buns use spelt flour, instead of wheat flour. Image: iquitsugar.com

These chocolate hot cross buns from I Quit Sugar contain about 10% of the sugar contained in a typical hot cross bun. We love to have these for breakfast, heated in the oven and smothered in real butter.

3. Raw chocolate Easter nests

nourishing raw chocolate easter nests from Well Nourished
A nourishing basket for the sweet treats the Easter Bunny delivers. Image: wellnourished.com.au

There are a heap of chocolate Easter basket recipes online, but as Georgia from Well Nourished points out, they’re not made with the healthiest ingredients. These chocolate Easter nests deliver a good dose of fat and protein to help fill up little tummies, helping avoid overindulging.

4. Coconut Easter eggs

colourful coconut easter eggs
Paleo-friendly and FUN! Image: sweetashoney.co

With plenty of good fats and very little sugar, these colourful coconut Easter eggs from Sweetashoney are undoubtedly a good option nutrition-wise. Use a natural food colouring like Hopper’s and watch the kids’ eyes light up as they bite into them!

5. Homemade Easter eggs with coconut caramel filling

Coconut caramel filled Easter eggs
Chocolate. Coconut. Caramel. In one bite. Yes please! Image: littlepeepseats.com

Coconut and caramel are a match made in heaven. These home made Easter eggs filled with coconut caramel use my all-time favourite caramel recipe. I hate to toot my own horn here, but this recipe is probably my favourite on the list. Read my post on the Little Peeps Eats blog to find out why I love them so much.

6. Bunny bottom buckwheat pancakes

buckwheat bunny bottom easter pancakes
Eat them or pinch them? It’s hard to decide! Image: thewholedaily.com.au

Pancakes are a big hit over Easter. Serve them in the shape of a bunny and there’ll be squeals of delight! These buckwheat bunny bottom pancakes are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly, meaning the kids can still enjoy the Easter pancake tradition without adding to the presumably large load of sugar they’ll already be consuming.

7. Dairy-free salted caramel chocolates

salted caramel chocolates from quirky cooking
Chocolate doesn’t come much healthier than this. Image: quirkycooking.com.au

Quirky Jo had herself a hit the day she published these, in my eyes. A combination of coconut, nuts, dates, cacao butter and vanilla make up these bite size paleo- and GAPS-approved, dairy-free salted caramel chocolates. If you have children with allergies who seem to miss out over Easter, you’ll want to check this recipe out.

What do you do over Easter, as far as chocolate and kids are concerned? Do you have any favourite recipes? Let me know in the comments below.

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