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Chocolate chip cookies VEGAN

We have a chocolate season all the time and we don't bake these cookies very often, but we like them very much. Still warm, they are just perfect addition to your coffee or tea. They are also super sized to pack with you on a hike or trip. They also have enough energy and I admit that in their preparation I use mostly whole grain spelt flour and no one has ever noticed and I have a better feeling that candy is a bit healthier :)   You will need: 100g melted coconut oil150g dark muscovado sugar55g water (plant based milk)vanilla280g spelt flour 1Tsp baking soda1Tsp baking powder0,5Tsp salt1,5Tbsp potato starch160g chocolate chips    Your browser does not support our video.   Directions: Combine melted...

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Yumbox for everyone - how to choose the right size

Yumbox offers boxes in several sizes, colors and designs. With this short article, we would like to help you to be able to easily and quickly choose the ideal box just for you.We offer Yumbox lunchboxes in 5 models, which differ from each other in size, internal arrangement (number of compartments) and, of course, design. Yumbox XS MiniSnack  the smallest box 3 compartments 300 ml Volume Yumbox M Original 6 medium size 6 compartments 650 ml Volume Yumbox M Panino 4 medium size 4 compartments 750 ml Volume Yumbox XL 4 Tapas biggest lunchbox 4 compartments 1050 ml Volume Yumbox XL 5 Tapas biggest lunchbox 5 compartments 1050 ml Volume

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