Lunch Punch

The Lunch Punch collection was invented by an Aussie mum who wanted to make food fun for her little boys. From the very first set, the forever popular ‘Match & Munch’ puzzle cutters right though to the recently released ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Construction’ cutters, each set is a collection designed to get children interacting with, enjoying and eating food!

As every parent knows, it’s a daily challenge to make a healthy and appealing lunch that kids will eat.  Sandwiches are a mainstay in children’s diets, but they’re so boring and kids don’t like the crust.



Hustlin’ mama to 2 busy, energetic, fussy little boys. Bento lover. Creative wannabe, and a teeny bit of an IT nerd. Passionate about fun healthy food, and simple products that make it EASY. Night owl – often found working in her study late in to the night, while the little ones sleep. Fuelled by tea. ALL the tea.