Skye’s parents were determined to create a lunch box with every possible feature parents were looking for in an all in one package. Individually sealed compartments, bento style for visual appeal to encourage picky eaters, leakproof with a lid attached and last but not least, using a non plastic food tray. 

After endless hours of hard work, it was finally done, the Skyebox was born, designed in Toronto, Canada and inspired by our 6 year old daughter Skye.

SkyeBox is a stainless steel & leakproof Bento Lunch Box. The ability to store food in stainless steel compartments along with the versatility of complete leakproof – even liquids! Say goodbye to storing your food in plastic and hello to clean stainless steel! SkyeBox makes sure the wettest foods stay separate…so sandwiches, yogurt and juicy watermelon won’t mix!