Under the Torune brand is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in kitchen tools, utensils and accessories for lunchboxes.The company was founded in 1965 in Wakayama.


The Japanese are generally known for their attention to detail and when preparing food it is no different and it is very well seen in the preparation of the so-called bento boxes. The term "bento" in Japanese means a complete meal that is packaged in a multi-compartment box. The ideal bento box should contain rice, meat or fish, vegetables and a small dessert. In a traditional Japanese family, the mother prepares lunch for her children, who take it with them to school and kindergarten the next day. Convincing young children to eat all the ready-made vegetables is not always an easy task, and so the art of "Deco-ben" was born, which is short for "decorative bento". It is the art of creating unique lunch and tithe boxes full of colors that are as appealing to the eyes as to the tongue. If you find the idea that your food is made of cute animals or famous anime characters, a little silly, see how much effort and creativity Japanese moms put into each lunchbox.