Yumbox was conceived by Maia and Daniela, two well traveled American mothers who are committed to developing healthy eating habits in children - in a fun way! Their inspiration came from the French school lunches that were served daily to Maia's children. The emphasis in France is on balance, variety, taste and nutrition. Yumbox has been devised to enable all of us to imitate the same balance and diet for our children, regardless of where we live. Now everyone (even children) can pack a balanced meal with Yumbox! They wanted a box with a bento-like container, with one lid that sealed all compartments; designated food groups to encourage and assist parents in packing a balanced meal; built-in portion control; a cool design and illustrations to make this box more an adventure with good nutrition than just a simple lunch! These thoughts formed the basis for making Yumbox. Together they wanted to make their vision of an ideal on-the-go-box meal a reality!

The philosophy

Maia and Daniela are both in favour of the Mediterranean diet that advocates moderation and balanced nutrition. Their hope is that Yumbox helps children easily integrate those concepts into their lifestyle. Although Yumbox is fun to use and a pleasure to pack, it is also an educational tool that helps children develop healthy eating habits. Encourage your children to pack their own Yumbox and soon they will make healthy choices for themselves. Like most mothers, Maia and Daniela are practical. Yumbox is easy for children to use and a breeze for parents to pack. They are easy to clean, save you money and help to reduce waste. And no, you don't have to make rice nests to make a Yumbox meal - unless you want to. We hope you love Yumbox as much as we do!