Waterproof lunch box stickers -Pink elephants
Waterproof lunch box stickers -Pink elephants
Waterproof lunch box stickers -Pink elephants


Waterproof lunch box stickers -Pink elephants

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There are no limits to imagination. You can stick Jabalou waterproof, high-quality stickers on lunch boxes, drinking bottles, children's helmets, bicycles, laptops, telephones, furniture ... or even on cars, if you dare. Ordinary things suddenly gain their soul. Jabalou stickers are really very versatile.

Features: High quality stickers have been developed for vehicle signs and meet very high requirements. Latex printing on polymer PVC film is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and light-fast. The stickers are even dishwasher safe after sticking to a smooth surface. However, we recommend washing by hand, as the extreme heat in the dishwasher will cause the colors to fade over time and that would be a shame.

Size: DIN A6 sheets - 10.5x14.8cm

How to stick

Peel off the sticker and stick it on a clean, degreased and smooth surface - it's so easy and fast. Caution: Please do not rinse the sticker immediately after affixing it! Jabalou stickers can also be removed without damaging the paint. Warm the sticker with a hair dryer and it will slowly release and go off easily. Glue residues can be easily removed with alcohol. Have fun sticking!

Made in Germany