Natascha Tiberi is the founder and mother of the Jabalou brand. Years of working in the field of graphics led her to the fact that she no longer wanted to use her skills only in the advertising industry, but for the best things in life.

To live - to be alive - to give

So it has developed its product lines, large wall stickers, waterproof stickers, reflective stickers and posters. Children's motifs are especially popular.

In addition to Jabalou, Natascha Tiberi also has her own blog, in which she presents do-it-yourself projects, talks about her creative life and takes you on her photographic excursions. See www.natascha-tiberi.de

The story of the Jabalou turtle 

The little turtle Jabalou came from Sicily to cold Germany, to the city of Nuremberg, with so many detours. She was so terribly tiny that her armor was quite soft and her skin completely transparent. She ended up with a family that immediately fell in love with this innocent little creature and adopted it. Jabalou felt happy with her new family from day one. After all, on the large terrace she had her own enclosure on which the sun shone all day. There were two older turtles with her, with whom she could lie and play in the sun all day, and there was always delicious food available. She preferred strawberries, which she ate so voraciously that she then kissed all red and looked like she had just used lipstick on her lips. She especially enjoyed playing with her mistress and chasing her - yes, that's very unusual, turtles don't actually do that. But Jabalou was a very strange turtle, because she went to bed with her mistress-human mother every night. She took her to her couch and laid Jabala on her bare belly. The warmth of her skin and the closeness of her person allowed Jabala to fall asleep quickly and enjoy the feeling of bliss for hours. Jabalou was also a real heroine and she was incredibly lucky. One day, a huge black raven stole it from the sun terrace on the third floor of an apartment building in the middle of the city. Only by chance did her family notice the raven and Jabalou was suddenly gone! The raven had to fly far and devour her or throw her away - but it was certain that little Jabalou was lost forever. The family was out of grief. A few hours later, the weeping mistress, who was leaving the house, just inadvertently peered behind the flower bed in front of the entrance. And behold ... who sat among the roses? Cheeky little Jabalou. The raven threw her away. Whether exactly in this place, or whether Jabalou had to return to her home for a while - will it remain an eternal mystery ?! The joy was huge, of course - Jabalou was back. She survived her exciting excursion and fortunately turned out well. Her armor was completely intact. Only one claw on the front leg broke off. Although Jabalous claw never grew back again, this missing claw always reminded the family of a trip of a small turtle that could fly.

The story of such a strange turtle inspired Natascha Tiberi to name her new brand after Jabalou. So the little villain lives forever in all her beautiful creations and never ceases to bring joy to many people!

Written by: Julia Petschner